View Full Version : is np9262 portable?

09-24-2008, 09:37 AM
hi all,
well i'm thinking about buying 9262 and was wondering if i could carry a 9262 with me and put it on my lap:) would it be comfortable? i know its a little heavy and big but i dont think it as a desktop replacement. i sure will put it to my desktop but im also sure there will be times i'll need it on my lap. im also thinking about getting one extra battery for extended using time. And does it really heat much? i dont want it to burn my knees:p thnx and best regards :notworthy

09-24-2008, 09:46 AM
Depends what you get. Obviously if you get SLi, it'll be heavier, etc. But, all things considered, even though its really heavy and you wouldn't want to go hiking with it, it's still a laptop, so yes, you can have it on your lap lol. That aside, yes, it does get hot, but the cooling system is out of this world, so as long as you have good circulation in the air you wont have an issue.

09-24-2008, 09:57 AM
im thinkin gtx sli and q9650. and hiking=) lol :) and do you know how long its battery will last? and if i put 2 or 3 hdd's how much difference will it make about battery:S
thnx for quick reply btw ;)

09-24-2008, 10:08 AM
Yeah I'm always here since im at work lol

Anyway, with the SLi and 2 or 3 hard drives, the battery life wont be terrific, maybe and hour and a half to 2 hours at best, even with the 12 cell battery. If you want more theres always the spare battery option. As for heat, obviously a quad and an SLi rig with 2 9800 GTXs will get hot, but like I said the thing manages, so as long as you arent doing high end gaming outside in the summer in Honduras, I doubt you'll have that much of an issue. Just make sure you dont block the vents, and if at all possible try to keep it on a solid surface so air can get to the bottom.

09-24-2008, 10:26 AM
well it has 4 vents so.. it shouldnt be a problem even on my lap:) but we'll see:D and is there any way to disable one graphics card when not playing games or so for better power management? or is it even possible:S :) i know i asked too much but you know how it is:D its so expensive and i hope it worths it:) im selling my car for that freaking monster XD

09-24-2008, 10:31 AM
I'm not sure about that. I;ve never used SLi or crossfire before so I really don't know any configuration details. I'm sure someone must have thought of it by now though, especially running on battery power, it probably does it automatically. But don't take my word for it...

09-24-2008, 10:45 AM
what do you think about sli? should i go for it? a single one is also good but i want it to be a long lasting lappy and i dont want to add anything later. just pay once and then only the electric bills:D
what do you recommend? one gtx? gt sli? or gtx sli?

09-24-2008, 10:52 AM
If you want my personal opinion, I would never get SLi. The best reason would be price for performance. SLi offers maybe a 10% boost in performance for usually $400 more. Also, the heat output is increased, and the battery life is drained. Last, driver support for it is AWFUL, and people experience crashes in both games and just plain Windows with it. I would get 1 GTX, and maybe upgrade your hard drive to a new Intel SSD, or maybe get a cooler so you can overclock the 1 card. In any case, I always get the single best card out there, I wouldnt go with SLi or Crossfire... but that's just me.

Bottom line, if you want 20 more fps in Crysis and dont care about anything I said above, get SLi lol

09-24-2008, 10:59 AM
ahahaah:D dunno what to do yet. i better do some research about sli. but i believe in a year sli performance will significantly increase as sli supported games/patches come out:) and sure for crysis:) but as i said b4 i dunno yet. thnx a lot anyways dude:)