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09-30-2009, 10:52 AM
Hi, Guys

In addition to my G51J :) pre-ordering soon:p, I also want something extreamly portable like a 10.1", some ppl say its a waste of money...... pffft I Dont........

Maybe the N10J or similar. Does any have info regarding the netbook release after WIN 7 is launched???? Or any views on this subject

Kind Regards
Jacques Kleynhans

09-30-2009, 12:51 PM
from my research, the 10 inch realm has only one true gaming machine (i use the term gaming machine loosely) the ASUS N10. the processor won't let you run so much as calculator with a game so keep in mind, one aplication only and you would be fine. the screen resolution is really the only problem for most people, it really limits what you can view.

the more you are willing to comprimise on the size, the better your results will be. at 12" you start getting Neo/CULV processors and other dedicated GPUs. 13" seems to be a sweet spot for some brands offering nvidia 9500 and I've even seen a ati 4650 in a 13" (sony rig)

I started with my NP5792 beast (3yrs old now) which still crushes all games I through at it. I moved to a EEE901 for ultraportability and was suprised how poor the graphics were. I found my sweet spot with the DV2z listed in my sig. It is noticably larger than my 9" but also noticably faster, running MMORPG Lord of the Rings Online (on medium settings with max draw distances) without a hiccup.

I'd really sugest popping into a computer seller and taking a look at the various sizes. finding out what size is acceptable as portable.

longer answer than what you needed. In short, if 10" is what you need, then yes the ASUS N10 will be better than just about anything else in that class :)