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Thread: sager 8170 touch pad too far to the right

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    Default sager 8170 touch pad too far to the right

    Just got my new Sager 8170 and tried to type something on it. I put my index fingers on the standard keys F and J and my right palm rested on the edge of the touch pad moving the cursor up and down. I made sure I have my hands in the right position and realized that the right edge of the touch pad goes way to the right comparing with other laptops. I have my work HP EliteBook and Dell inspiron on my desk and see that their touch pads right edge is on the level of J key on the keyboard. The Sager right touch pad edge is almost 2 keys to the right from the J key. Since I installed Linux Fedora 16 on it I have an option to disable the touch pad completely and use USB external mouse - this is how I use it now.
    Anyone has this issue? Is my laptop unusual comparing with other Sagers?

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    I understand your frustration. Actually, on some of the larger laptops, that's almost a standard for it not to be centered.
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    That happens often on my friend's 17.3 Inch notebook. I hate it.

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    Its not centered usually for ergonomic reasons, and because of the inclusion of a number key- pad on the right. A majority of the time the touchpad is center-ed (ish) under the space bar, whereever that might be. Naturally in standard QWERTY your hands will orient over the space bar, the home row, and the touchpad. On the Dell im typing on right now the right edge of the touchpad is about 1.5" past "J". My other Dell its oriented a little different-but both are 15" laptops. *shrug* "Can't Explain It!"™

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