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Thread: Creative sound blaster usb card worth it?

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    Default Creative sound blaster usb card worth it?

    Hi guys,

    I wanted to know if any of you had tried out the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro THX 24-bit External USB Sound Card. Is this little gadget worth it? I'm planning on buying a sager np9130 and I'm wondering if it's going to make a big difference. I usually wear headphones or use my Harman/Kardon Sound Sitcks III ( Anyone here owns this device and would care to give his opinion?

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    Not having researched this, I would say for you, probably not. It wouldn't make much of a difference unless you are in need of professional audio monitoring or recording where latency is a real issue, or are outputting your sound to a super high end home theater setup.


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    I agree with kdogg. I've always used my built in sound card on laptops even when outputting to my 7.2 home theatre system. Unless you're extremely selective in your audio preferences, some of my friends (picky sound engineers) claim the sound could be better, I doubt you'll have a real need for an external sound card solution.
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